Steve Collins

Head of EU Sales Veeva

By applying Cesar’s ideas and concepts, I was able to support our EU Team
 in collaborating & working together more effectively, In fact, out of 20+ Sales Teams globally, we were recognized as the #1 overall in Q1. I recommend working with him.customers.

Doug Gray

Managing Director USA, Godwin Capital 

I've known Cesar for many years and worked with him professionally for over 14 years at Ontrac Marketing and Sector Marketing. Cesar has been a great asset to the company particularly with successful business development and sales management efforts within North America and Internationally.

Louis Morazzani

Country Manager, Travelport Digital

Cesar has been an excellent Sales Strategy Coach for the past year. He helped me in strategizing and leveraging selling techniques for my team that resulted in an amazing attraction of new clients and business opportunities.

Max Buiani

Vice President, ATP Group

Cesar's coaching is of great value for my work. My results over the past 5 years have ranged from 22% to 38% increases annually in sales team performance.

Irma Zoepf

Founder, The Z Bridge

I highly recommend Cesar as a thoughtful and experienced marketing/sales coach. He helped me to highlight and communicate accurately my business strengths and to make a compelling case to potential clients. His guidance has definitely helped to close more deals and to be more confident when selling my services.

Tony Redondo

Founder, Cosmo Currency Exchange

Having met Nick at an online networking event, I quickly got to know him and realise his well-rounded business experience; knowledge of various markets and above all, Nick's can do attitude. In my dealings to date with Nick, I have found him to be methodical, organised; clear headed and someone I am very happy to not only do business with but share ideas and also learn from. Nick is a professional. Happy to recommend him.

Errol Finklestein

Founder & CEO UK/EU, Emerge

Nick is a very conscientious achiever who has quietly gone about building a substantial networking business. Nick's always available to assist one to drive marketing deeper and broader. He has leveraged his own channels very well, and shown considerable determination and perseverance in a difficult and competitive market. I confidently recommend Nick as a business partner or service provider.

Daniel Karim

Advisor, HNW Financial Planning & Services

Nick is one of the most genuine, pleasant, and knowledgeable people you’ll meet. Couple this with his extensive network – you need to get to know him! We met a couple of months back and he has been a great ally, friend and sounding board since. What’s more, showing that he really understood my needs, he selflessly introduced me to very useful contacts to help me, who have become great complimentary and necessary professionals for me to also work with and rely upon.