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Find the right business consultant in San Francisco for presentation training

Cesar Viana is ready to help you open new markets for domestic & international business. Contact our business consultants at Nextlevel Consulting for a free phone consultation or email nancy@nextlevelup.org


Advisory Team for public speaking training

For those looking to start a Small Business, Cesar Viana can assist you by providing Coaching, Training and Tools that can help you attain more successful results. Cesar Viana's goal at Next Level Up is to help businesses create their own successful PLAN B in the next 12 months!


Our public speaking classes will help your Strategic Growth

Whether you're a Small Business or a Large Enterprise, Cesar A Viana can help you close the gap from where you are now, to where you want to be. Contact Cesar today for your complimentary consultation.


San Francisco Public Speaking Coach

At NEXTLEVEL Consulting, Cesar Viana will take your business UP to the next level.

Cesar A Viana concentrates on getting results for leaders of small and medium size businesses helping clients boost revenue and productivity. Our success is based on our clients' success. We will listen closely and provide you with honest, direct and constructive feedback.

Cesar Viana's News

How to Reignite Your Personal Power and Branding. Have you thought about reinventing yourself and about reigniting your personal branding? If so, what are the challenges that keep you from acting upon your dreams?
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Cesar Viana, Master Trainer and Coach, teaches leadership and presentation skills, value sales techniques, and Train the Trainer programs to help your Multi-cultural teams succeed globally.
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Business Coaches-Who Are They and Want Do They Do? A few weeks ago I mentioned that I wanted to start a small series about business coaches-who they are and what type of coaching they do. Some of us may be feeling stagnant in our businesses and not sure how to turn things around...
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Haiku Films co-founder Cesar Viana Teague and Mabel Valdiviezo also announced the launch of the Kickstarter crowd funding campaign, backed by Artists Services of the Sundance Institute. "Kickstarter can really help introduce people to our movie, and raise the visibility as well as awareness of immigrant health care reform...
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Cesar Viana offers a unique combination of management experience, international sales & marketing insight, as well as training & coaching expertise. Cesar Viana works with clients from various industries and business cultures - and can help your business implement solutions that create positive results in both the short term and long term.

The opinion of Cesar Viana according to many business leaders is fundamental to their success and to his conclusion business consulting in california has become the most challenging option for individuals and business owners as well. There are so many professionals to choose from and it is very difficult to pick the appropriate business consultant that will be the right fit for your particular business. Years ago, business consultants had a totally different approach on the marketing strategies available to capture clients and bring new business to a particular client. However, today's strategies are more complex and sophisticated making it is essential to choose a business consultant with the ability and the resources to fully exploit the available opportunities online and offline. The tremendous growth of the internet during the last decade has changed the vision of many business consultants in California and around the world; therefore, one of the most important factors during the final selection decision should be the ability of the consultant to take the business to the next level using next level strategies combined with superior skills. A business consultant in California and anywhere else needs to have a track record of success accompanied with an easy personality in order to communicate better and get results faster. A successful business consultant has the ability to inspire clients with their strong recommendations, as well as advise, coach and guide leaders to make the right decisions for their business.

Here are Cesar Viana's Top Ten Tips on what to ask a small business consultant to make sure that they're a good fit for you.

• What is your area of expertise? Why do you think you're best suited to help me? (Is it aligned with what you are looking for on your specific project?)

• Will you be the person working on our project? (Are they a salesperson or presenter for the firm? Make sure to interview the actual consultant or coach.)

• What projects have you worked on that are similar to this specific project? What was the final outcome?

• Do you have work samples I can look at? Can I have some client references as well on your work?

• What does a typical consulting day or coaching session look like? (Time to be devoted to this project, sample sessions, etc.)

• What is your project workload currently? How much time will you need to complete our project?

• What kind of reporting will I receive from you and how often?

• What is your fee structure – hourly, retainer? What's included or not? (Expenses, etc.)

• Can I have a signed confidentiality agreement from you on our project?

• What will you require from me or our staff on this project? (Clarify each other's expectations)

Contact us for a free consultation on creating your own successful PLAN B and a copy of the Key Planner for Preparing Your Business Plan. To learn more about us , as well as the new E-Book, PLAN B: 5 Differences That Make A Difference in Your Small Business

New E-book We're excited to share the new E-book called PLAN B: 5 Differences That Make Difference in Your Small Business!! Following are the benefits of reading and applying the ideas in this E-Book:

• Achieve exponential gains and maximize the results of your Small Business, by using the 5 Differences That Make a Difference!

• Stop limiting yourself and your income - begin making what you are truly worth, and at the same time contribute to helping others achieve their successful PLAN B.

• Get rid of the stress, frustration and pain of having to stay stuck in a job with no future, and turn your passion, vision and dreams into reality.

• Assist us on our mission at Next Level Up to help 1,000 people start a new small business, create positive change, and have their own successful PLAN B over the next 12 months.

• Read more about IPA's and DMO's, to see how focusing on just this will help you to boost your small business results and income!

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